We’re stoked that you’ve decided to create a site here on the IntuiTalks Network! Hopefully you’ll find this page and the tutorials listed helpful to begin your journey to website ownership and creation.

If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and check out our introduction tutorial (along with some general usage).

Switching themes is relatively easy! You simply need to head over to your website dashboard and select “manage themes.” From there, you will find over 50 templates and themes to choose from. Found one you like? Click the activate button. That’s it!

For a more detailed overview and step-by-step instructions, please see our switching themes tutorial.

In order to customize your theme, (change colors, header images, etc.) you can click the “customize theme” option in your website dashboard. From there you can edit the look of your site to further personalize it.

For more information and instructions on how to do this, please see our customizing your theme tutorial.

We’ve made it super easy to edit and add pages to your website. Simply click >My Pages on the left hand side inside your website dashboard to get started.

For more info and instruction, please see our adding pages tutorial.

Creating a dedicated blog page is rather simple. However, we’ve included one just for you, titled,”My Thoughts.” Feel free to change that page title and get to blogging!

Adding a post to your website is also super easy. Simply go to your website dashboard and select the “My Posts” tab, then click the “Add New” button. For more details, see our creating a posts page and adding posts tutorial.

In order to view, approve, or delete comments on your website, you simply need to click the “Comments” tab on the left in your website dashboard. From there, you will see all comments left by visitors on your site and/or blog posts.

For more info and instructions, please see our managing your website comments tutorial.

You can edit your website menus by clicking your “Menus” tab in your website dashboard. Here is where you can quickly change menu title names, reorder the page lists, and, also create a new menu for your website (particularly if your theme uses more than 1 menu- i.e. footer menu)

For more info and instructions, please see our creating and editing menus tutorials.

Sidebar content is considered additional real estate or content area on your website. These spots are generally located on the left or right sides of your pages. However, this area in our network also includes content management for the lower area; the footer of your site (if your theme allows). You can find your easy shortcode placement box here, too.

For more details and instructions on all of the above, please see our managing your sidebar content tutorial.

We’ve made it as simple as possible to add your Paypal buttons so you can start accepting payments for your awesome services/products. Simply click the “PayPal Buttons” tab on the left hand side in your site’s dashboard, and edit your details there. Don’t forget to edit your services page, too!

For more info and help, please see our editing your Paypal buttons tutorial.

What the heck is domain mapping? Well, in short, it’s a way to connect YOURDOMAIN.com to our network for seamless integration into our system. It DOES NOT mean that you can migrate over an entire, already existing site, it simply means that instead of having a YOURSITE.intuitalks.com link or url, you will have a YOURSITE.com site.

For full details and instructions, please see our connecting your domain tutorial

Testimonials are those little thank you’s from people you’ve worked with, or perhaps you can make this feature a guestbook…it’s all up to you. To view/delete/edit your testimonials, please click the “Testimonials” tab in your website dashboard. Don’t forget to edit your testimonials page, too!

For more details and instructions, please see our testimonials tutorial.

Your studio settings, or your ability to create shows/classes/broadcasts, are located inside your website’s dashboard under, you guessed it, “Studio Settings.” Please try and read the instructions carefully.

For detailed instructions, please see our editing studio settings tutorial.

Once you’ve created your studio room (via studio settings in your dashboard), you can begin to use your audio room for whatever you see fit in terms of spiritually relevant content. You will now either click the blue button from inside your studio settings labeled, “Join,” or, go to your show page and click the BIG blue button there to start.

For in-depth instructions on all things hosting here on our network, check out our hosting tutorial.

You can mute/unmute, kick, and give whiteboard privileges to your listeners during a broadcast simply by clicking next to the user’s name and clicking the relevant icons. You can also lock settings, layouts, etc.!

For details and help on doing all of the above, please see our managing listeners tutorial.

There are many who may be interested in playing audio such as music or clips during their broadcasts. However, at the moment, our platform does not offer that feature (but may in the future). For now, we’ve created a work-around that can help you to achieve this. Please note, this is 3rd party software, so we do not offer technical support for this feature.

Please see our courtesy instructions for playing audio through your mic here.

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