You can always contact us should you have issues registering. However, something to keep in mind, if you are using a free mail service such as Yahoo, we may not be able to register you (due to spam accounts created with those emails). Please be sure to use an email address that is active.

Checkout our Registration tutorial for more help.

Editing your profile is a snap. When you are logged into our network you will see in the upper-right hand corner of every page, “Hey there ‘yourusername.'” If you hover over that, a drop-down will appear where you can edit and view several parts of your profile (in addition to doing other things). You can also go to >Community>Member Quick Links to see some options.

For details and help, please see our Editing your profile tutorial.

Our IntuiTalks newsfeed was designed with other social networks in mind. Reason being, most people are familiar with them. With that being said, on the top right of every page, (while you are logged in), you will see your greeting and name, if you hover over that, there are many links to navigate through- all relating to your profile, and indirectly, the newsfeed.

Please see our Newsfeed tutorial for more detailed instructions.

Editing your cover photo is pretty darn easy! Although, showing how it’s done is MUCH simpler than trying to write it all out. ;)

Please check out this short tutorial on uploading/editing a cover photo here.

If you’d like to write your own blog posts on IntuiTalks (our main site, without using a network website), you most definitely can! You can find the “my posts” link under your user name in the upper right.

For more info and details, please see our add a blog post tutorial.

Using groups is pretty simple! If you are invited into a group, or you find a group you want to join, you can participate by writing posts and uploading photos to that group. You can also receive email (whose settings can be modified) from the group, which is very helpful if the group has a show here on our network.

Creating a group is also very easy. However, if you’d like more info or some details on how to create a group (or use groups), please see our Group tutorial.

In order to create a website and/or add a website to your account, first (and obviously)you must be logged in. If you are not yet a member of our site, please see our registration tutorial located in another section of this page.

You may also find some useful information on our creating a website tutorial as well.

You may activate, purchase or upgrade your website by clicking your site url (once you’ve created a site- *please see “how do I add a website” for instructions on how to do that in another section of this page).

Please see our Purchasing a website tutorial for more help and information.

Editing your website doesn’t have to be intimidating. You will find a plethora of tutorials, showing you exactly what to do, for every aspect of your site! Those instructions are located inside your dashboard.

For now, please check out our editing your website/introduction tutorial for a quick overview on how to get into your dashboard, along with a few basics.

Finding shows and/or classes are rather easy once you know where to look. Today’s broadcasts will show up on the newsfeed in the right hand side. You can also hover over the “Network Broadcasts” tab at the top center of our main menu to find other options such as shows by categories.

For a quick overview on how to listen to broadcasts, please see our listeners tutorial.

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